We rely on long-term relationships with our transport partners. Become one with your
Company part of the CM LOGISTIK network and benefit from numerous advantages.



  • Many years of experience in container logistics
  • Over 150 satisfied entrepreneurs
  • More than 250 own container chassis
  • Modern equipment
  • Optimal technical networking including apps

1. immediate payment of the freight

We pay your service immediately! We make sure you stay liquid. You will receive a weekly statement from us and it will be paid immediately!

2. guaranteed payments by guarantee

Not only the punctual completion of our transport orders, but also the timely payment of your work is our top priority – we guarantee and vouch for that! You are not a stopgap for unpleasant jobs, but a full-fledged member of our team. That’s why we guarantee the smooth running of your successful transport deals and ensure prompt payment.

3. support for driver acquisition

In our industry, finding responsible and professional drivers is a constant challenge. We have perfected our driver acquisition and are now in the fortunate position of finding a great rush for our advertised positions. As our partner, you benefit from this knowledge so that we can support you in your own driver search and, for example, make a suitable pre-selection among the applicants.

4. module training

Trained drivers are the be-all and end-all for flawless and safe transports. Our large seminar room in the Stuhr branch offers the possibility to hold module training courses at your own location. The advantages: getting together with our drivers and the associated exchange with each other. As part of our partnership, you and your team are also invited to participate in the training sessions with exclusive discounts. We take care of the planning and administration!

5. key account conditions at tankpool

As a successful transport company with a fleet of over 200 vehicles, we benefit from tankpool’s key account conditions. With more than 800 locations throughout Germany, our drivers can find their refueling point on almost every route. Of course, as our partner, you should also receive these conditions.

6. dangerous goods officer

Did you know that as a partner you need a dangerous goods safety advisor if you transport ADR on behalf? In our industry, we are constantly confronted with the transport of dangerous goods. If you should take over corresponding orders, we will put you in contact with our experienced dangerous goods officer, with whom a smooth process is ensured.

7. FIS app

With our FIS app (Driver Information System), we have developed a tool to manage our orders digitally. But the app can do much more than that: With the chat function, our drivers can communicate easily with our back office at any time, use it to handle expenses and claims, or simply submit their vacation requests. The many different tools facilitate our internal processes and minimize our telephone workload, so that our dispatchers remain available for urgent calls. As a partner, equipping your drivers with the app is also necessary, so we offer you the system at half price for the first year (with monthly billing).


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