The driver or driver of a vehicle shows himself responsible for the transport of goods and people. For large transportation companies, the driver usually sits behind the wheel of an articulated truck, in the cab of a train, or aboard a barge. From there, among other things, it delivers freight in containers to a specific destination.

Driver of CM Logistics Group

A driver from CM Logistik Group helps to ensure on-time delivery in the course of intermodal logistics. In return, the driver becomes part of an extensive fleet of vehicles that transports containers throughout Germany and Europe. He actively communicates with team members in the office to ensure a smooth process.

Green logistics plays a big role for our drivers. Through the so-called ecodrive, they receive bonuses for economical and accident-free driving. To do this, they use separable chassis and economical tractor units, regularly take part in training courses, and are provided with a digital route planning system. In addition, our dangerous goods transports are certified, which increases the safety of drivers.